Your donations help the Rice Owls!

In an effort to make a positive impact and support our sons, coaches, team and Rice University, the families of the players formed “We Give A Hoot (WGAH)”. When we started WGAH, our mission was to improve the game day experience for our players and fans. We proposed many projects and initiatives that we felt could make a big difference. I hope you are already aware of this effort, but in the event that you are not, I wanted to share with you what your team’s families have done for the football program.

We raised funds through donations from our football families and have developed the following projects for Rice Football:

Completed projects include:

1. Inflatable fighting owl tunnel.
2. Fog machine.
3. T-shirt launcher for cheer team.
4. WGAH tents with flags for tailgating with football family/friends.
5. Locker room make-over items that include a new stereo system.
6. Locker room logo’d custom cushions for each locker.
7. Locker room couches.
8. Locker room shoe/cleat dryer unit that will dry 72 shoes at a time.
9. Handwritten notes from parents/families for each player’s locker for UCLA game.
10. 250 yard signs, in 5 different designs, on the team bus route to the stadium.
11. 1,000 Rice football noise-makers issued to student section for UCLA game.
12. WGAH bracelets to identify families and friends.
13. Screeching Owl sound effect for big plays.
14. Team arrival enhancements –The Owl Walk-at the stadium.

These three projects have yet to be approved by the University:

1. Live owl mascot from Houston Zoo for 4 hours on game days.
2. Move television cameras to opposite side of stadium to project home side on stadium vs. visitors.
3. Have street signs around campus changed from green to Rice Blue.

Rice Football